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Script Updated
Published on Aug 09th, 2019 07:22 am

Script Update will be coming on Monday
Published on Aug 03rd, 2019 11:11 pm

This is more or less to let yoiu guys know an script update will be coming on Monday for all the ptc sites and script will be install one by one so there will be some down time during the beginnging of the week.

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 (Video news)
Published on Jun 28th, 2019 06:28 am

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part 2

Thanks for watching

Purchase Balance Bogo (Video News) PeeTree Ad Network
Published on Jun 12th, 2019 06:26 pm

Hello Everyone thanks for being awesome members if the site and/or our network. I'm trying out video news LOL See below

Some Network Updates, Bitcoin Payouts
Published on Apr 15th, 2019 07:42 am

<p>Well hello members of my network of advertising sites together as one PeeTree Ad Network (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>). I know I haven’t posted anything lately and/or it doesn’t look like there is a whole lot going on. Well beside working another job while trying to make my ideas manifest into something awesome. PeeTree Ad Network which consist of Offers And Click(one site), Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, Rutakus Pixel TE,  and pixel ads/ All are registered trades names under my company Rutakus/Rust of All Trades which is a kind of jack of all trade company that cares. We all have to survive. Also I’m disabled with multiple bulging discs in my spine so my business hires people with disabilities or limitations.</p>
<p>So first I want to discuss a bit an issue with Rutakus Pixel TE. As you guys know parts of the site are secure while others aren’t for reasons like surf in SSL doesn’t display non-secure site depending internet browser. Lately the entire site is secure and I can’t seem to get it to display in the frame. I’m still working on it but I will be moving servers/hosts soon as too many issues with loading and what not. But I’m in the process or making sure all my hosting/server are “green” and sustainable for our environment. I might even change the script as well. But that might change it just depends.</p>
<p>Now I’m also announcing we are offering payouts through Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies/alt-coins but I plan on only open that up once a month. I haven’t thought up a schedule for it yet but I think we might beta test this idea and how it can work. Payout will be what ever the minimum is set to on the site. Right now our paid to click sites are set to $10 and Rutakus Pixel I think set to $30 or $25. I’m in the process of getting Skrill set up for the sites. I have personal Skrill verified so I can accept payment there if you submit a support ticket but not ready for the site. I will be using coinbase mainly but also coinpayments. Either way Paypal will not be the only payout option.</p>
<p>Coinbase: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a></p>
<p>Coinpayments: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a></p>
<p>Please make sure you open a support ticket if you have issues.</p>
<p>Thanks for reading</p>

This news is also posted here:

Epic PTC offically registered as a tradename for my business
Published on Feb 08th, 2019 04:06 pm

Well I must say members of our PeeTree Ad Network sites I proud to announce that I have renewed and just received my updated business licenses for my company. Also I have registered PeeTree Ad Network, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC and Offer And Clicks as tradenames for my business. Rutakus Pixel has already been registered for a while. But here is a link to our business license on our secure content delivery network site for our company:

Script Upgrade to EvolutionScript 5.5 coming week
Published on Dec 11th, 2018 08:30 pm

Well, hello members. I’m pleased to announce that this week or by next week to the latest I will be doing a script upgrade on our paid to click web sites. First we will be doing Offers And Clicks because we have it in maintenance anyways as we were still in the process of importing the old database into the new code and then we ran across an issue in the front end of the site preventing us from opening up the site. So the plan is to upgrade the site first Then Atomic PTC and lastly Epic PTC. Right now our sites are using EvolutionScript 5.3 and the upgrade with be 5.5 the most recent version. We will post more updates after the script upgrade. Thank for reading.

Important updates Peetree Ad Network
Published on Nov 22nd, 2018 11:15 am

Well hello victors and members. So as some know but most don’t know who we are and want we do. This part in which we call PeeTree Advertising Network ( that is part of the company Rutakus. Rutakus started in 2010 as just a computer repair company but has changed over the years in to something more in which we are becoming a true jack of all trades. The PeeTree Ad Network part of our company consists of 3 paid to click sites, one traffic exchange and a pixel type of advertising site. The pixel type of advertising site is a web site we run to help my girlfriend get through college and we only get 3% of the monthly earnings which really isn’t much at the moment. But we would like that to change.

                Two of the paid to click sites we own we owned for a long time. The first one is our very first site that I the owner bought from someone in about 2009 or something, but has been around for a long while and I have had it running on two different versions of aurora gpt script and now runs on EvolutionScript ( The second paid to click site is one I had bought as a turnkey site under the dot info top level domain which I lost after being offline for a major health and personal problems. Now we have the dot com top level domain for Atomic PTC.  We know the previous owner of the dot com top level domain scammed people but it now our brand and we are not scammers and it sad we have to state this. Which leads me to the next web site that has now became part of our network, Epic PTC dot com. Basically, is now our adopted little brother but I found out after words was previous owned by a scammer which is sad because it’s a cool sounding and easy to remember name. The domain was available and I bought it and installed evoscript and got the domain added to my evoscript license which the ultimate (diamond) license latest version). This doesn’t change anything, I want to change that and make it into something awesome as I think ptc (paid to click) is a good thing if done right for all people especially people with disabilities. Lots of scammer messed it up for the honest people. Anyways, there is nothing I can do about the previous owner(s) of Epic PTC. I’m sorry that happened. I know as I’m a clicker myself since 2006 or 2005 started while I was in college to make extra money. I have been scammed many times and I had unfortunately have documented every one of them. Our last site Offers And Clicks is still under maintenance while we finish manually importing the data from old script database. Atomic PTC has imported. So if you have issues with any of your data contact us with proof like screenshots of invoice numbers so we can check all of our data. We have all the database from since we took over the sites on (Atomic PTC/Offers And Clicks). We decided not to import old orders or payouts as my OCD won’t allow for the funny looking and messed up front end as the importing doesn’t look right. So if you by chance need info for whatever reason (taxes or business purposes) we can try and provide the info as best as possible.

Our PTC sites

Atomic PTC:

Epic PTC:

Offers And Clicks:

                Last site is our traffic exchange called Rutakus Pixel TE which right now we have running on a code called Ventrino ( We are using the full traffic exchange which when we started it we were using the co-op and just decided to change it. Great site for free traffic.

Our Traffic Exchange - Rutakus Pixel TE:

Lastly that little pixel site I was talking about earlier in this article/news post can be found at here and click on the “pixel ads” link to buy pixel ads as I will help my beautiful girlfriend get through college or our household survive while she is bettering her life. We believe in helping people better their lives. 3% goes to my company for hosting costs and processing orders. If the monthly income isn’t much we aren’t going to take any money out except what is taken out from payment processor fees.

Anyways, that it for the moment thanks for reading. Stay tuned later as we might be looking for forum moderators/staff soon. Side note we still doing a lot of back-end work on all of our network web sites and I’m currently the only employee at this time and I do work another job as well where I put in huge amount hours at this time.

Also posted this on our main web site located here: PeeTree Ad Network news on Rutakus/Rust of All Trades

Lots of back end work on our web sites But here some of what going on.
Published on Oct 07th, 2018 11:06 pm


So as I have been busy with getting some of our other web sites up and running I haven't been able to focus on Epic PTC faq area and get other things done in both forums. What I mean is the forums here on Epic PTC and our main forums for main company web site. Also I've been busy importing databases for my other PTC sites that were running on old script or on different domain. Those site are going to be relaunched soon. So first we have a new deal going on. We had closed out the grand opening deal.

The new advertising package deal is called

"The Winter is Coming Deal (snow in my area deal)"

  • 7500 Paid To Click Credits ( 5000 normally goes for 5 dollars)
  • 2 month Featured Link Ad Credits (worth 4 dollars)
  • 75000 Featured Ad Credits (worth 6 dollars)
  • 75000 Banner Ad Credits (worth 6 dollars)

So we still the Epic Deals Package and the owners birthday special. The birthday special will go on until the end of October. So because I have been busy I haven't had time to go out and work on adding more advertisers or find more advertisers. I plan on adding Fixed ads soon and also a traffic exchange and the option to make commissions off sales fro non member advertiser but those features we don't have the funds for yet but are in the works. I'm in the process of working on getting the full FAQ sections done so that it will make things easier for people to understand how to use this site. And I'm planning on looking for staff here soon. We are also in the process of updating our Terms of services including add our country block list due to our government here in the USA. I like where I live but this is dumb that stuff that s going on. I just don't understand why we all can't get along and not fight and steal from each other but it is what is it. If we ever made enough money with our business. This is not the only thing I'm planning on doing. Epic PTC is just part of it. 

Don't forget free members earn 1% comissions from sales/purchases. Upgraded earns more.

Anyways Cuba, Ivory Coast, Burma (Myanmar), Iran, Korea (North), and Syrian Arab Republic. Because I report what we pay you and what we earn for taxes in our country we are not allow to provide or receive money from those countries which are sanctioned. Anyways, thanks for reading and being members. You can comment on this news in the forums here:

Epic PTC is now open
Published on Aug 03rd, 2018 08:26 pm

Welcome to Epic PTC, a new site to be added to PeeTree Ad Network. which is owned and operated by Rutakus i.e. Rutakus Pixel but all the same thing just different as one would say departments. Anyways, we are new so we don’t have a lot of ads in the system just yet but we are working on it as we are for our other 2 web sites once we open those back up as well. We do realize that the Epic PTC domain was previously own but it was available when we found it and worth a decent amount. If this was a ptc previously then you take it up with the previous owner and get yourself a lawyer to help you recover your funds. It cost a bit of money to pull domain records through and we weren’t going to waste our time paying for it after we found out. We found out due to getting an email to our server after we had installed  Evolution Script and set up our email account. We wish we could help and if you have proof and join our site we can try and help but we are not pulling in enough income to do a lot yet. But you can help us develop our service we will be offering through our main company but it not even ready yet. Anyways we plan on making a good brand out of Epic PTC as well as the rest of our network and services. We plan on adding more memberships soon and ad packages. Also we do plan on lower the payout here soon and will do it on and off to clear out site debit throughout the year. Also please note all information required for tax and identity fraud are handled through

This includes uploading the forms we require to file our business taxes when we pay you $600 or more please read our terms.

Also though we have the forums and support ticket system on Epic PTC we have another forums that we can also get you answer as well and is more of a community but more or less our main company forums here:

Also is still under development but ready enough for a live site so you all can help it evolve LOL Our main support ticket system is that above link as well. But we will be active in both. And we will be looking for staff soon to help out. Thanks for reading and now join us if you haven’t already and start earning while give our advertisers what they want view and human views at that. Happy human Clicking LOL.

PS please check your junk mail box for our email and add us to your safe list please as we would do the same for you.

this news also posted here as well. On our manin company site