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Websites/Ads NOT allowed on our network

Started by EpicPTC Jun 22nd, 2019 at 09:27
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EpicPTC (Admin)
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Hello everyone,
So at this time we don't have a way to block ads/web site link automatically just yet so we are going to compile a list below of websites not allowed on our network. This includes Rutakus Pixel TE (https://www.rutakuspixel.com/), Atomic PTC (https://www.atomicptc.com), Epic PTC (https://www.epicptc.info/), TeamJr (http://www.teamjr.org) and the rest of the sites on our network where we sell ad space. Our reason very but either they are a scam or they have too many spyware or fake virus alerts or crashes our users PC/computers or ones that violate our terms of service

We will update this topic as need:Last updated: 6-22-2019
Current websites or ads NOT ALLOWED

1. Azobux: (http://www.azobux. net/)
2. PaidtoClick dot in (www.paidtoclick .in)
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