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Payment Poof Page Disabled

Started by EpicPTC Feb 06th, 2019 at 16:45
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Rather that writing a news post about it I will just make a forum post and maybe if need be a FAQ for this but I have decided to disable the payment proof page that normally comes as an option on EvolutionsScript. I have many reasons for doing this. But I first will say as it will make it so your privacy is better kept from pu8blic view. That being said it also slightly makes the site more secure as hackers can't see possible password guessing targets. Either way we are not going to enable it.

What does this mean for us? Well imo nothing much but your payment proofs is what we will depend on even though we don't require you to post your payouts. But if you do we are now going to require all personal information be removed from your screenshot as to protect yourself. We will removed post that don't follow this and ask you to repost with info removed and we can help if need be.

But this is network wide all sites were payment proofs are posted

These are the sites this applies:
Offers And Clicks
Atomic PTC
Epic PTC

Our traffic exchange currently doesn't have a payment proof page but if it ever does like if we change the script or something I will also be disabled but it is part our network/company PeeTree Ad Network a sub company of Rutakus/Rust of All Trades
Here is our traffic exchange: Rutakus Pixel TE
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