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Order/Purchase software from US

Started by EpicPTC Nov 15th, 2018 at 06:24
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So one of the other parts of our business is selling things or retailing. At the current time we don’t have a large selection at items but we are looking into the future or having almost everything if possible. So at the moment we are planning some extra thing to give you guys even more benefits or access to different areas or our company. So here we are going to give discounts for some of the thing we are selling. At the moment we only have some software for sell.
1. Super Antispyware Professional license (1 year): $18.00
2. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2007 (1 install/pc): $2.50
3. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 (1 install/pc): $5.50
4. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 (1 install/pc): $7.50
5. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 (1 install/pc): $10.00
If you would like to purchase any of the above, please use the following link to our secure support ticket system and open a ticket with what you want to purchase. We only accept Paypal right now more payment/purchase options coming system.
Click here if you would like to buy any of the above software: https://support.rutakus.net/index.php?a=add&catid=2
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