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Our site script updated to EvolutionScript 5.7

Started by EpicPTC Aug 08th, 2019 at 16:49
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EpicPTC (Admin)
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Hello awesome members. So I just got done updated the web site script to EvolutionScript 5.7 clicking this link and making a purchase supports us thank you.
So far things look good but it has only be a few seconds since I turn off maintenance mode.
So please report bugs here if you run into issues. I will probably close this thread after some time has past then you would go back to normal means of bug reports in the support boards of the forums or support ticket.

Here is what comes in the new version of the script:
  • Airtm added as new payment gateway
  • Deny multi-ip registration was optimized to deny registration with the
  • IP used by any member in less than 24 hours.
  • Strong autoclick security added, force to user close window and open
  • it again if ad validation goes wrong.
  • Cloudflare IP compatibility fixed
  • Ad security integrated with Fixed Ads, PTC Autosurf and PTC
  • membership addons.

    Which means I will be looking into the possibility of adding Airtm payment processor
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